Majolica ware is a lead-glazed pottery associated with Britain, Europe and the USA in the 19th Century, although its roots are much older.

Not only does majolica ware signify good taste and affluence, it is considered to be the perfect gift for occasions such as funerals, and happier occasions, such as weddings and births.

By applying tin enamel to a fired piece of earthenware, a white and porous surface is created, which is then painted to suit the buyer, design or maker. Once the design is complete, the piece is coated with a transparent glaze and fired again to give it a beautiful and unique shine.

Here at Dobson’s Monumental Works, we carry on this traditional and creative art form at our factory in Tasmania. Leafy and floral patterns are a popular choice amongst those looking for sympathy gifts or wanting to add a touch of colour and love to a memorial site.

We have various designs and colours available and can show you some examples in detail if you come and see us at our premises in Tasmania.

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