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Lawn Memorials

Specially designed lawn memorials in Tasmania

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Dobsons Monumental Works lawn memorials

Lawn memorials give family and friends a sense of comfort and a place to visit and remember loved ones. They provide a focus for personal memories and can be inscribed with sentimental and meaningful messages about the times once shared together. 

At Dobson’s Monumental Works in Tasmania, we help you choose appropriately designed lawn memorials for your cherished family members. Whether you want a headstone or a headstone with a base, we have various styles available to choose from.

Our highly skilled stonemasons can create something unique or traditional from either sandstone or granite in a colour of your choice. You may already have an idea of what you would like, but for those of you who don’t, you can be assured that, together, we’ll find an ideal solution.

Dobson’s Monumental Works strives to ensure this important process is as easy as possible, by listening and advising you on how best to create beautiful and timeless lawn memorials.

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Headstone only

Headstone and base

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